Musicians who produce gentle and relaxing music

I was recently talking to a friend who is a professional pianist and he told me a story that changed his perspective forever.¬†He was performing jazz in a hotel lobby and as he put it, “playing way too many notes.” Finally, a man came by and said something like this: “Son, you are playing music that sounds like my day. Why don’t you just relax a little and play something to calm me down?”

In these times, as the world seems to speed up more and more, a major way that music can heal us is by relaxing us. The majority of music written has the opposite effect. However, these artists tend to record music that will help keep you calm throughout your day.

Check them out!

Amy Lauren
Brad Jacobsen
Brenda Warren
Brian Crane
Cathy Oakes
Chuck Brown
Dan Chadburn
Dave Hicken
David Nevue
Doug Hammer
Gary Girouard
Greg Howlett
Greg Maroney
Greg Starr
Isaac Shepard
James Gaertner
Jeff Bjorck
Joseph Akins
John Otott
Kate Moody
Kathleen Ryan
Kendra Logozar
Kevin Kern
Linda Mantooth
Lisa Downing
Lee Harbaugh
Louis Landon
Michael Dulin
Michael Logozar
Michael R. Hicks
Michele McLaughlin
Philip Wesley
Richard Dillon
Renee Jacobson
Rhonda Mackert
Robin Spielberg
Robby Davis
Roth Herrlinger
Steven Cravis
Tim Neumark
Thad Fiscella

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  1. Being autistic is difficult; being an autistic child is even worse. I know this because I live with autism and ADHD.

    As a child, I knew that I didn’t “fit in” but I never knew why. I didn’t why I didn’t have any friends, why I was never invited to birthday parties or any of the other social activities of my peers. Making emotional connections escaped me – including family members and parents.

    Then I started taking piano lessons, for no other reason than the neighbor boy started. He quit but my mother insisted that I continue. I’m glad that she did, for piano (music) became a refuge for me during my adolescence and beyond. While my peers were mastering the social aspects of live, I was mastering Chopin, Beethoven and Rachmaninoff.

    Fast forward. I started composing solo piano music about three years ago and was accepted as a Whisperings Solo Piano Artist about two years ago.

    soli Deo gloria

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