Healing piano of Sedona

When I moved from New York to Sedona, AZ, I had no idea that I was on my way to starting “Healing Piano of Sedona.” I had just finished recording “Healing Piano of Sedona for massage, yoga and relaxation” but the idea for the album was to have the music do the healing and relaxing without personal involvement. When I arrived in Sedona and set up my piano studio with my Steinway B, the idea of actually working with people directly came to me. I created a rolling relaxation platform so that I could wheel clients under the piano to the perfect place where the vibrations of the strings could go directly into the body.

For most of my life as a musician the focus had been related to ego and personality. I enjoyed playing music and have played professionally for half of a century. But most of it was about me and my career. Eight years ago my music became part of my life’s mission, to create a more loving and peaceful world by writing, recording and performing music from the heart. The focus of my music became more about how I could do something for the greater good that was outside of myself. About 3 years ago, I began to live my life joyously for the first time in my life. And with this new way of living, I began to see all the pain and suffering in so many people that I crossed paths with. I added a second mission, to inspire people to live joyously and passionately. And finally, with the creation of “Healing Piano of Sedona,” a third mission came to be, which is to awaken and assist people in healing themselves through music and mentoring using the ideas of George Gurdjieff and Peter Ouspensky, work that I have doing for the past 35 years.

People who come for a healing session walk out with a piece of music that is composed for them to personally assist them in the work that they need to do to be able to live life in a healthier way. It is an anchor for their work that goes directly into the heart and body and bypasses the mechanical thinking mind. It has been quite effective. As a result of many of the sessions I have done, I ended up with a new album of some of the best music I have ever released. It is called, “Healing Hearts – Solo Piano,” and was released on October 1, 2014.

About the author
Louis Landon is a Steinway Artist, formerly of New York and currently of Sedona, who has dedicated his life to music. His passion is for peace. His career has taken him around the world playing a variety of styles with some of the most recognized names in the enter-tainment industry: classical music for Mikhail Baryshnikov on national and international tours, Latin music with “Pucho and his Latin Soul Brothers” on national and international tours, pop music with Rupert “Pina Colada Song” Holmes on television and national tours, rock & roll with John Hall, opening for “Little Feat” on national tours. For the past 24 years, through his production company, Landon Music, he has written and produced music for film, video, and commercials, including three years of “best plays” and “bloopers” commercials for the National Basketball Association.

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