The journey of Alzheimer’s

So many people have been affected by Alzheimer’s disease.  My mother was afflicted with it for approximately 10 years before she passed away, and recently my wife and I were the caretakers of my wife’s mother, who also had the illness.  It is a very difficult disease to deal with, as the persons’ physical body is still there, but the mind and personality have vanished.  This puts an added strain on the caretakers, as the person with the disease is still present, but does not recognize anyone in their family or remember any of the events that shaped their life.

Since this had such an impact on my family, many of my songs were influenced by the experience.  “Before I Forget” was composed to reflect the sadness of losing one’s memory.  “For Jean” was composed for my wife’s mother as she sat on a couch listening to me play the piano.  It is a bitter sweet journey of her life.  Even though Jean has passed away, we hope to continue to bring awareness to this problem.  One thing worth mentioning is Jean never lost her ear for music.  Despite losing her memory of people and events, whenever she heard my playing one of my songs she was able to hum along to the melody.

About the author
Greg Maroney is a Modern Romantic solo piano artist who has composed and recorded 12 CD’s of original piano music.  His music is heard around the globe, and it is his hope that the music makes the world a better place for all of us.

Welcome to HealingMusic

Finding peace in a noisy world…

I was a new college freshman and remember being in my room one night overwhelmed by the complexities of the situation I was in. On a whim, I put a cassette tape into my roommate’s stereo of a pianist playing gentle songs accompanied by nature. All of a sudden, I had a sense of the healing power of music. That music healed me in that it soothed and calmed my soul.

Whether music can cure physical ailments is a question beyond my intellectual capacity. But this I do know: music can heal. It can bring peace in dark times. It can reduce stress. It can change your outlook from bad to good.

That is what this site is about. Thanks for joining us.

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