Dana Foundation: Music helps heal injured brains

This article makes the claim that the understanding of how music works in a therapeutic way has rapidly advanced over the past decade.

Biomedical researchers have found that music is a highly structured auditory language involving complex perception, cognition, and motor control in the brain, and thus it can effectively be used to retrain and reeducate the injured brain.

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Finding peace in a noisy world…

I was a new college freshman and remember being in my room one night overwhelmed by the complexities of the situation I was in. On a whim, I put a cassette tape into my roommate’s stereo of a pianist playing gentle songs accompanied by nature. All of a sudden, I had a sense of the healing power of music. That music healed me in that it soothed and calmed my soul.

Whether music can cure physical ailments is a question beyond my intellectual capacity. But this I do know: music can heal. It can bring peace in dark times. It can reduce stress. It can change your outlook from bad to good.

That is what this site is about. Thanks for joining us.